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GTL Resources is a leading bio-refining company which, through its subsidiary Illinois River Energy, produces over 125 million gallons of ethanol per year from its production facility in Rochelle, Illinois USA. GTL developed the project, secured the financing, managed the construction, and now runs the business. The Rochelle site enjoys plentiful nearby corn due to the many high-yielding and abundant acres planted in the area. Other locational advantages include: quick truck access to Chicago’s major ethanol market via nearby interstates (I-39, I-88 and I-90), rail access to other ethanol markets via direct connection to the UP and BNSF, and low cost access to Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) markets in Asia via close proximity to Global III, a major intermodal container terminal.

About Us

The company’s current strategy is to enhance its corn to ethanol manufacturing process and is evaluating emerging technologies to convert its standard ethanol plant into an advanced bio-refining facility. The company is evaluating the adoption of emerging technologies in order to provide additional revenue and profit streams, incremental to the base ethanol business.

GTL’s goal is to further grow by applying these new advanced bio-refining technologies to other ethanol plants through merger, acquisition and licensing.

About Us

We will use our capabilities, expertise and resources to energize our people, deliver performance and achieve our vision.

Our vision is to develop and operate premier bio-refining facilities, leveraging our skills and technologies, to develop fuel, feed and food solutions, for today and tomorrow, all while improving the environment.

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